About Me

About Me

About Me

About a decade ago I lucked into buying a run-down starter home and after several years of ​​renovating it and learning about houses I realized that home ownership could be tremendously gratifying. I wanted to lower the barriers for others interested in home ownership, so I left behind a successful career in design to go into real estate and I haven’t regretted it since.

Do you have a million questions about buying a home? Finding the right house? Navigating escrow? I can help you fulfill your dreams of home ownership, from exploring financing options to holding your hand through inspections and closing.​ I can also help you market and successfully sell your home if you’re ready to move on. I’m passionate about people and living spaces, vintage architecture, and the idea that home ownership should be for everyone.

​When I’m not helping people like you​ ​buy or sell a home I can be found​ ​with my family​ and our cats ​working on ​​our 189​5​ North Portland ​Victorian. I enjoy​ building things, making art, roller skating, social justice, and pop culture.

Making clients’ unique wants and needs a reality is a joy for me and I’d love to help you find what you’re looking for. Give me a yell.

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Clients say

“Valerie was indispensable during our home buying process. She helped us buy our first house and really took the time to get to know us. She was super responsive, supportive, and also honest about the important parts of home buying.”

–Emily H.

“Do you want a Realtor who listens? One who is a font of knowledge, experience, and amazing design ideas to boot? Then Valerie is the lady for you. She has been so helpful in our house hunting process, providing insightful observations and advice and is so incredibly patient and helpful. She’s professional and prompt, answers questions -even the ones that seem dumb, with patience and humor. It is clear from all of our interactions with her that she truly cares about finding exactly what her clients want and need.”

–Melissa S.

“My husband and I never could have known how lucky we were to find Valerie! We had an incredibly short amount of time to work with, only three days to find a home in a city we knew basically nothing about. Her knowledge was invaluable and she was a pleasure to work with. She and her coworkers showed us at least thirty different homes in this short period of time and she went above and beyond in her capacity to help us.”

–Chloe R.